Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Me in #myshop

I like to dress sexy always
Today in my Cosmetic Shop

For the right bargirl/housewife/beautician this job could be very lucrative. Girls, add to your income, email us for a catalog This is tried and tested. If ladies are too shy to buy at a demonstration, you just leave them the catalog. You get 20% which ads up quickly, especially if you become the famous “sex toy lady”!

I would usually not bother making a site like (although I find it ironic that they can be shy about such things.) Except that how often do you get to be the first to bring a proven concept to a new area?

The most successful ones have a real world shop, website and “sex toy parties”, where huge money is made in the US and Australia. The gross margins are very good. Not much for ladies to do when men have a “bachelor party” so these are ideal.....

he Hidden Closet, Bangkok
"The One & Only" Erotic Shop in Bangkok
I recall this unique shop and tempted me to start a thread as I was reading the other thread Only the registered members can see the link. Register here.
on members searching high and low for 'Farang L Size' Sagami 0.02 condom. Funny it may seem, for a sex industry like LOS, we can't get the right condom that fit! So buddy .... wonder do they sell it here :D

Well anyway, The Hidden Closet is a unique shop offers all things fun and kinky, whether it be sexy lingerie, condoms, handcuffs or body whipping cream. Sex-toy shop is illegal in Thailand but The Hidden Closet is registered as an Erotic Boutique, and is the one and only erotic shop in Thailand.